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Timeline Between SFH 2 and 3 to so on...

What is GlobeX GlobeX is a company that plans on "perfecting" the world but is stopped by our heroes for instance the leader of Alpha squad (SFH1),Wesley, Nathan,Jyn,Tower(SFH2,3).The GlobeX leader is always a clone when he appears.The current leader of GlobeX is The Scientist.He plans to infiltrate SFH base in South America.The story will be continued......

Dex Do you know why I did not mention Dex because he betrayed SFH by killing West(One of SFH 2 Protagonist) for money.He is currently dead but cloned by GlobeX together with the rest of SFH 2 protagonists to spread chaos around the world.

Other characters that are not mentioned hereThey are hired by SFH for personal problems.Except for Juice(Creator) and Anvil(Come from future)

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